Belmoral Angus Heading

Speckle Park

Having admired Speckle Park cattle for a few years we managed to buy Jim Warren’s small herd of seven cows and calves at Bethune, Sask. in 1998.  In 1999 we bought eight more cows from Hudson Bay, Sask.

We sold one cow and the bull Belmoral’s Special 99H to Rod and Lorraine Remin.  Rod showed this bull to Grand Champion at Edmonton Farm Fair in 2000.  We also used a son, Remin’s Special 1L.  At the sale in Edmonton we bought the calf champion P.A.R. Jay 1J, which most of our cows are sired by.

We used registered Angus bulls on a few cows, so have some registered 50% cows to breed up.  Our present herdsire is STAR BANK NANNAR 69N who was Grand Champion at Agibition.

We were fortunate to sell some bulls to some registered breeders and commercial herds with success.

Belmoral’s Angel 104L
Belmoral’s Angel 104N
Belmoral’s Angel 81S
Belmoral’s Countess 110L
Belmoral’s Lady 100L
Belmoral’s Lady 109L
Belmoral’s Lady 123P
Belmoral’s Lady 50S

Spots ’N Sprouts 108Y