Belmoral Angus Heading


Cows From A Few Years Back

IVOR BELL, from 1905 and on owned a lumberyard, and broke a homestead.  He grew grain and also built a herd of 120 Angus cattle in the 1920's, purchasing some of his seedstock from the GLENCARNOCK HERD of JAMES D. MACGREGOR, BRANDON, MANITOBA.   He dispersed the herd sometime in the 1930's to Winnipeg.

We purchased our first Angus in 1963 from DON MARKHAM, WALDRON, SASK. - a total of 11 cows and one Springdale bull.  Some were papered and some weren't kept up.  In 1965 we purchased the bull MOUNT PISGAH BANDOLIER 1T, and the cow, ECHO LAWN LASSIE from MIKE OLYNYK, GOODEVE, SASK.  Belmoral was registered as a herd name.  We then attended the COWLEY WEBSTER dispersal and bought the bull, FORELANDS BANDOLIER 15, and two cows, ELGA and ERICA (that family still exists here today).  In 1967 we purchased 14 cows from CLIFF ARGUE, GRENFELL, SASK., carrying BLACKWOOD LADY and PRIDE families, sired by SHERRY BARDOLIER 41st.  We also purchased another 10 cows from R.V.BUTLER of SOLSGIRTH, MANITOBA - the ROYAL ROSEBUD family.  From the STEVENSON-LANG sale at Yorkton came LADY HENDERSON 91P, who would have a lasting impact on later events at BELMORAL.  We purchased six cows from ARNOLD LAWSON, SHOAL LAKE, MANITOBA famous BOVIMELA herd.   BLUEBIRD, WILLABAR JUMBA lines that produced BOVIMELA BAROS 13A for ARNOLD.  Also BOVIMELA BARDMERE 12U, a sire which we line bred to.  You will find him in all of our pedigrees today, he's a bull that you can't get enough of.

The next herd sire was purchased after a visit to FRANK SLEZINA, COALDALE, ALBERTA.   SOUTHOLM MARSHALL 25Y mated to these females produced the high gaining group of five bulls at the SASKATOON TEST STATION in 1972, and BELMORAL MARSHALL 9'72 - placed 4th in the 2 year old class at Agribition in 1974 for James McLean of Arcola, Sask.  LADY HENDERSON 91P mated to SOUTHOLM MARSHALL 25Y produced LADY MCHENRY of BELMORAL 6C.  She produced 8 sons which went on to work in purebred herds.  One of them was BELMORAL BAROS 4'75, a son of BOVIMELA BAROS placed 2nd in class to the Grand Champion, and then returned in 1975 to be the first prize 2 year old and Senior Champion.  Another son, BELMORAL'S REPLICA 37'77, sired by Bonview Winton 1342 was the high gaining bull at the Saskatoon Test Station in 1978, ranking 1/66, and sold to Ernest Gibson of Vermilion, Alberta.

25Y and Cows on Pasture

Over the years we used Monarch Eston 1F by "PACESETTER" "Big Ben" "Great Northern".

Darrell started buying his fist cows. He purchased "Bovimela Blackbirdmere 6C" from Highland Farms of Calgary, ALberta - who had reimported her from Tennessee where the great BOVIMELA herd had been sold.  Darrell had shown a heifer in a junior show and won two vials of semen of Nothern Chance of P.V. 9G.  When mated to 6C, this produced BELMORAL EXPIDITER 8'80 who we still use today by A.I.  We sold three heifers in 1982 at sales in Saskatchewan and Alberta for an average of $3000, with a top of $5000, all sired by Expiditer.  Also a group of heifers shipped to Japan.

A trip to Leroy Erdmann's dispersal in 1984 resulted in a bull calf by Dr. Spock, out of an Alberta Jumbo GR 22D.  He had a beautiful disposition and left outstanding progeny.

In 1986 we had the high performance bull at SASKATOON test centre, also at the Hereford Test Centre at Regina, Sask.  Over the years the herd has done well when entered at different test stations.

Another bull who made an impact was Belmoral Star 4'88.  He left us good sons and daughters.  We got Geis Bardolene 76'91 from the All Canadian Sale in 1992, and have daughters in the herd yet today.  The next sire was SUNMOUND ESTON OF YORK 26Y from SUNMOUND RANCH, BYMOOR, ALTA., probably the best bull purchased.  You could go out in the pasture, walk up and put a halter on and load him in the trailer anytime.  He was seven years old when we got him.  He was used until he was twelve years old, and was as sound as could be.

Black Yearling Heifers

The next bull was BCC EILEENMERE LAD 41G from Brandl Cattle Co., Alberta, who worked real well on 26Y daughters.  Sad to say we made a mistake in selling him too soon as he was a tremendous sire for us, as his daughters here today verify - only there are not enough of them.   Belmoral Blackman 37'00 came in dam from GEIS ANGUS,ALBERTA - he was used here for two years with success.  ANGUS ACRES TOMBOY 76F from BILL ARMITAGE, KINSELLA, ALBERTA was used next in the Quantock herd at Lloydminster, Alberta where his sons sold well in their sale with a top of $10,000.

In 2002 there was a drought in Alberta.  Angus Acres were having a hard time maintaining their herd, so Darrell took a pot load of their cows for two years until things turned around.  They were a nice bunch of cows.  He retained some bulls, two of which are: ANGUS ACRES TRADITION 528N - he is leaving us some outstanding calves.  Also ANGUS ACRES BARDOLENE 575N will be used.  In 2002 we obtained ANGUS ACRES HI GAIN 19J.   One of the longest loined bulls in the breed, he is breeding consistently.

In 2003 we bought LAZY J BANDOLIER 7F from DURNESS ANGUS in ALTA., as an eight year old.   He is still working here at ten, very sound as he was used to traveling mountain pastures so is very active for his age.  We still like his offspring.

We have two home raised bulls, BELMORAL EILEENMERE 13'093, used two years on heifers and noted for calving ease with growth.  He is sired by SUNMOUND EILEENMERE 35X and out of a WINSTON 249B cow.  35X was born in 1966, so thanks to A.I.  BELMORAL DYNASTY 201'03 was used in 2005, and looks promising.

“Burn down your cities and leave our farms and the cities will spring up like magic,
but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in this land”.
William Jennings Bryon